I am sorry if my thoughts are kind of scattered, I am just too excited & this is my only way of celebrating!

General Muhammadu Buhari finally woooonnnn the Nigerian Presidential elections. I cannot believe it!! I am so excited! Wauw! I wanted this to happen so much but I wasn’t sure that my dreams would be realized. I was so scared that PDP would miraculously win after all the games that they have been playing…postponing elections, reducing fuel price, giving overdue compensations all in the past few weeks that they had extra time.etc. Prof Osinbajo said in February when the elections were postponed “Change can only be postponed not denied”. He was right! Shout out to Kano my beloved birthplace..1,903,999 for Buhari. You guyzzz ❤ Final Official scores -Buhari(APC):15,424,921 and Jonathan(PDP):12,853,162

Despite the time difference & the things I had to do, I was practically glued to my laptop(Channels tv) and Linda’s blog for the past day. Especially from the collation of the results this morning. I know by the time the last states were announced, everyone supporting #Change was already jublilating. But I was praying & waiting for Borno, despite the fact that we were all sure that they wouldn’t vote for President Jonathan(Bokoharam has been attacking Borno so badly, remember Chibok? Baga? All in Borno state!) I must confess I broke all my social media fasts because I couldn’t stand the pressure…esp Twitter. Those twitter streets though. Lol, shoutout to #MO who said that Buhari was winning in the virtual world and Jonathan would win in the real world. Guess what #mo, He won in both worlds. As high as the tension was, trust Nigerians to be able to make time for jokes. My favorites were the new definitions that were formed today.

New word: Jega.

Meaning: to be inexplicably chilled in the midst of stupidity or conflict.

Usage: Olopa(Police) slapped me, but I just Jegaed.

New word:Orubebe

Meaning:to unwisely disrupt a national event

Usage: I hope anyone will not orubebe PRESIDENT BUHARI swearing-in ceremony

These definitions came up as a result of this encounter  

This was Professor Jega’s epic response http://lindaikeji.blogspot.ca/2015/03/read-prof-jegas-epic-response-to.html

My favorite tweets were definitely

“The last time Nigerians sat like this in front of the Television was at the dying end of PALOMA & DIEGO. #NigeriaDecides”

“The last time i was this concerned about my country was 2001, when the Miss World crown was between Agbani Darego and the runner up” OR “The last time I was this proud of my country was Atlanta 96 and Agbani Darego’s Miss World Victory. Change is Here. Nigeria Has Decided!”

“While PDP was busy digging into Buhari’s Background like they wanted to discover fuel, APC was campaigning for CHANGE and a better Nigeria”

Shoutout to all those social media revolutionaries, omojuwa, chude jideonwo, debola williams, etc. The work has only begun, people!  I am so embarrased for people like DO and RA. What will they do now? Lol and #MO who was just appointed as a senator a few weeks back, he only has until May 29th to enjoy that post.

By the way, apparently some shady candidates(candidates that have corruption scandals trailing them etc. Lol) were elected into senate while none of us were paying attention because we were focused on Presidential elections.

NIGERIA MY BELOVED COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ChannelsTV You’re the REAL MVP. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to stay updated. What would I have done without you?

Congratulations Nigerians, Congratulations Christians, Congratulations Muslims, Congratulations Igbos, Congratulations Yorubas, Congratulations Hausas,Congratulations Ijaws, Congratulations Edos, Congratulations People from Delta, Congratulations Ibibio people, Congratulations Ijaws, Congratulations Fulanis, etc. Congratulations to all of us!

In a democracy, The most important office is not the office of the President, it is the office of the CITIZEN!- Chude Jideonwo

We are the Turning point Generation #SaiBuhari #BabaNowThatYouAreThere #NigeriansHaveDecided

This is only the beginning, there is a lot of work to be done and as we have campaigned so passionately for the general this year, if he fails us, we shall also vote him out. I am actually proud of President Jonathan’s concession. Thank you, sir.

Nigeria my beloved country,
Working together is the key,
Nigeria my beloved country
Our future is you and me.

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