Friendship (part 2)

“Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods”-Aristotle.

Before I came to Canada, I started university in Nigeria. The best university in Nigeria, University of Lagos!

While I was there, I had one goal, to find my way to America to study Biomedical engineering. In the meantime, I was there studying mechanical engineering. As first years, most people were in New Hall hostel but because of my mobility issues(and after a lot of fighting for my rights) I ended up in Moremi hostel. I went home most weekends but I spent some weekends in school too. My most memorable weekends were actually back to back weekends and I am sure you can guess why they were memorable, because of my amazing and out of this world FRIENDS

The first weekend was when I was visited by my favorite person in the world,Anjola O. She goes to a private university and thanks to Tope and her parents, she came to spend the weekend with me. Yay! Actually, we made a recap video about what we did but I mistakenly deleted all my videos while trying to clean up my laptop about 2 years ago 😦  That weekend we got to visit our old and new friends and just chill. I was actually a pretty good host, hahaha.

My second most memorable weekend was the weekend following Anjola’s visit. I took part in my hostel’s Miss Moremi Special pageant. My hostel organized three beauty contests Miss Moremi,  Special Miss Moremi (for physically challenged people) and Big Bold and Beautiful (as the name implies). My bunkmate Glory encouraged me to take part in it even though I found out that I would be leaving for Canada then. She said that it would add to my great memories and it did!

In the activities leading up the pageant, I prepared with other contestants but I told them that I might not take eventually partake because I was supposed to have a quiz at the time of the pageant. On the morning of the D-Day, my friends went to the Faculty and discovered that our quiz had been postponed so they called me and said that I had no excuse not to take part in the pageant! Which was all well and good but I had nothing ready.

Then, my friends sprung into action O called up her mum to bring Traditional Clothes, T provided me with an evening gown, B and E went to the market that morning to buy accessories, G taught me how to dance, G and D did my makeup because the people hired by my hostel were wasting time to come, all of us sat and figured out what song I should sing for my talent,everything just happened so fast and so efficiently. Big shout-out to my sister(She attended a different school)  who also came to the event and brought her friends to give me moral support.  Here are some pictures and videos from the event

DSC03330 DSC03331


DSC03359 DSC03360 DSC03361 DSC03358

And yeah, we won 🙂

DSC03396DSC03389 - CopyDSC03390DSC03387

LOL, I can’t believe that I am posting this video. It really captures my joy, excitement, and happiness 🙂 



As I mentioned earlier, I lost my videos but I was able to recover these Miss Moremi videos because Eniola kept them ❤

I miss you all, you’re so amazing ❤ ❤ ❤

“The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it- Hubert H. Humphrey”

Peace, love and joy


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