Quote for the week- Act of Faith

“To put our confidence in God, is it not indeed to believe in His word? to be assured that in listening to Him we shall attain to holiness, that in abandoning ourselves to Him, He will bring us to beatitude?

This faith is easy when we meet with no difficulty, and walk in a way of light and consolation: it is a little like the case of those who read the account of expeditions to the North Pole while comfortably sitting by the fireside.

But when we are struggling with temptation, with suffering and trial, when we are in the dryness of heart and spiritual darkness, then it needs strong faith to abandon ourselves to God and remain entirely united to His holy will.

The more difficult the exercise of this faith is for us, the more pleasing to God is the homage that flows from it.”

– Dom Marmion, OSB [From Christ, the Ideal of the Monk, Part II, chapter 16, section 5]

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