In honor of the fact that it is 9 days until my birthday, I have decided to write 9 times(out of many) that I remembered that I was loved.

I would say that the most memorable instance is definitely the day before my final high school exams started and my parents came to school. We resumed school in January and we didn’t go home for midterm/Easter break because we were the final year class. The day before our practical exams started, I got a call from the principal’s office and I saw my parents there. (I’m glad they were both there because most surprise visits were usually bad news about the death of a parent but they won’t tell you that, they’ll give you a flimsy excuse to take you home(eg dental appointment) and when you get home, they would break the bad news to you).

My parent’s excuse for their visit was that they were taking me to see the optician as they needed my eyes to work properly for my exams so I was given permission to leave school. My principal said although she had never seen me wearing glasses, she would let me go.LOL. I had been wearing glasses before I started going to school about 6 years earlier. Anyways, we went to the optician and we went home.

Then I asked my parents what the real deal was? After all, I had claimed faith healing 4 years earlier and I hardly wore my glasses anymore. Then my parents said they honestly just wanted to give me a break from school and give me a chance to chill because they know how I like to put so much pressure on myself. Yoooo, I can’t even express the emotions that I felt in my heart. My parents are the real MVPs ❤

My second most memorable time that I felt loved was the period when I was in the hospital in 2005 after my surgery. My consultant doctor, Dr Obianyor and a particular nurse Mrs Arise in addition with my family made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Mrs Arise was my favorite nurse in the whole world, I really hope I can get in touch with her again. She always made sure that I slept well during the day so that I didnt miss my favorite series….Sunset beach 🙂  My family also came to see me every single day and also Sr Grace, Mrs Fesobi and a couple of people visited me. Also my grandmother(who trained as a nurse) came from London when I was discharged and stayed at home with me. Although I disliked that she used to make me eat cous cous, I felt really loved by everyone during that period.

I felt loved in primary school when after I messed up my chances of being the national Math champion, the organizers still came to my school and gave me an unexpected medal presentation + a scholarship to their school. Also, my parents actually found out and came to the ceremony(on a work day). I was really surprised! It was a regular day in school and the people just showed up and we had a ceremony in front of the whole school to present me with the medal. My heart ❤

I felt loved when I went to Ireland and I was hanging out with A whose family I was staying with. My high school had a sister school in Ireland so 9 of us went to that school for a week and we stayed with families of the girls in the school.(D was in the school and A was her elder sister). While we were hanging out, A asked what songs I liked and I played a couple for her online. The next day, when I woke up, she had gone back to school but she made me a mix-tape of all my favorite songs. My heart melted and it melted even more the day I left Ireland when her family gave me a whole bag filled with my favorite things. Indeed, I will never forget that family ❤

I felt loved last Christmas when I got support from my dad after telling him news that I thought he would be upset with me but he calmed me down and made me feel better. Also, I felt loved this semester when my parents stood by me when my worst fears came to pass.

I felt loved by my friends when I was in Unilag especially the weekend that I did Miss Moremi special…check it out here

I felt loved when my friends stood up for me(Sis Lolade when S tried to bully me, Y and basically my classmates when C referred to me as handicapped and also when K fought for me while some random person from another primary school was taunting me because of my fingers…although I wept because K had never fought in our school so I felt guilty that I made him fight)

I felt loved by my friends in Louisville a lot of times but one particular instance stands out. A parent was on her way to the school and noticed a vehicle was following her so she called my principal.  My principal asked us to run to the dormitories and hide, but I couldn’t run. My friends said they couldn’t leave me behind so we hid in the classroom. That was one of the scariest moments of my life because as the constant worrier that I am, I kept wondering if we would be safe and how I was to blame if anything happened. Huge shoutout to my friends who stayed with me and calmed me down. I really don’t know what I would have done without them. Funny thing was I had 2 sisters in the school and they only remembered me after everything had calmed down,lol. I also felt loved whenever we had water scarcity in school and my friends always ensured that I had water…especially my sister and Doyin O.

I felt loved when I was stranded for the night and S gave me a place to stay and woke up early the next morning to drive me to the airport as I caught the first flight to Calgary. Literally every moment spent with S, she always makes me feel so loved.

Countless times my family, friends and even random strangers have made me feel loved and for that I am grateful. May I never forget that the greatest love of all is the one that my father in heaven has for me and that I am a beloved blessed child of God. God loves me, God loves you and he surrounds us with people who are an expression of his unconditional love ❤



Peace, love and joy,


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