Wedding Bells (Not mine)

Today November 14th, 2015, my eldest cousin got married in Lagos. We aren’t super tight because he’s a lot older than me but I still really wish I could have gone. His brothers who live in London also came to Nigeria. I don’t even remember the last time I saw his brothers, maybe 10 years ago or so. Here are some pictures from his traditional engagement, wedding and reception all done today (Pictures were taken from my family’s WhatsApp group, my cousin’s Instagram and my aunt’s Facebook).

12219537_768354966625469_6355874282948145482_n 12243478_768354633292169_2869995576464909666_n


My cousin’s bride sitting on his parents laps. I guess it signifies that she is their daughter too.


My mum & my elder sister(My younger sister was unable to attend too)


My gorgeous mum


My dad, his sisters, and a woman I don’t recognize(wearing pink)


All my cousins from my dad’s side plus some guy I don’t know(most likely a groomsman)




My cousins minus the groom.

My other cousin, Tope is a great DJ(Dj T-swaggs) so he was the official DJ at the reception. I didn’t know he was very popular until he was the DJ for the Law dinner at the University of Ibadan in Oyo State. He doesn’t even go to school there. He’s studying law at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife in Osun State. So he had to travel for the gig (as a big boy).


Here is Dj T-swaggs and his mum, my dad’s sister

All this talk about the wedding made me think about my favorite Nigerian wedding songs. Nowadays the songs played at weddings are usually up-beat/dance kind of songs(How can you be at a Nigerian wedding and not ‘shoki?’ Lol). As for me, lyrics are more important than how the song’s dance-ability(is that even a word?) so most of my favorites are on the smooth/slow tempo side. Without further ado, here are my top songs.

1. Obi mu o by Obiwon ft Guchi Young and remixed by M.I, , Blaise & Illbliss

P.S The video is a mixture of the remix and the original

My goodness, I do not even know how to explain the things that this song does to my heart. (Click here for the original and click here for the full remix). It’s funny because I fell in love with this song before I even knew what ‘Obi mu o’ meant. (It is an Igbo/English song and I do not really understand Igbo) Obi mu o means ‘my heart’ and it is the sweetest love song I have ever heard. I don’t really plan to get married but hypothetically speaking, this would be my wedding song.

Every time I think how love supposed to be
I look into your eyes girl and what I see
Is you loving me and I’m loving you
As long as I breathe, that’s how it should be eeh
Obi mu o, I’ll love you
All of my life
Obi mu o, I’m gonna love you
For the rest of my life

Full original song lyrics are here and full remix lyrics are here, you’re welcome 🙂

2. Forever by Psquare

Peter and Paul Okoye are definitely one of my favorite Nigerian artistes. Here’s a picture I took with them long time ago. Lol.


Forever is the perfect wedding song in my opinion but I do not know why it is not very popular. It does not even have a video! Nevertheless, it is still one my favorite songs of all time. Another song that would definitely played at my hypothetical wedding or I would beg one of my sisters/friends to play it at their own weddings. Hahaha

If you are my girl
I’ll take you around the world
I’ll take you places where you’ve never ever been before
So give me your hand,
I’m giving you my word
I promise I’ll be loving you

Forever and ever
I love you forever

3.Baby girl by Nel Oliver

This song is a major throwback song. It was very popular when I was growing up. It was sung in three different languages(French, Yoruba and English). In fact, it was just today that I realized that the singer Nel Oliver is actually from Benin and not Nigeria. Yoruba is one of the major native languages spoken in Nigeria, I guess they speak it in Benin too. This is the perfect parent- child dance. It is about a parent whose daughter is getting married and he is talking to her before she leaves home. Just check out the beautiful lyrics from the English chorus below

Though I hate to see you go
I know you have your life to live
And I can see love in your eyes
The sun shines brightly in your heart
You’re never been so beautiful
And you can see my joy and pride for you

Though you smile I see your tears
Take his hand my baby girl,
And be his wife forever more
The time has come for you to go
Wipe your tears and never fear
Cause I will always be right here for you

4. Today Today by Eldee

This is a song that was really made for one’s special wedding day. It’s perfect, the beat, the lyrics, the dancing in the video, everything is 10/10. It is mainly in English and a bit of Yoruba.

Today today
you’ve become my wifee
today today
O ma ba mi lole(You will come home with me)
today today
We are one forever
today today today today

5.No one like you by P square

I have already gushed about my love for Psquare when I spoke about Forever. This song is actually a popular wedding song and I love the lyrics, tune and the video.

No one be like you
See I don go different places, I’ve seen many faces
No one be like you
So they cannot replace you, coz you are a blessing
No one be like you
You driving me crazy coz you are my baby
No one be like you
No one

6. So beautiful by Timi Dakolo ft. Elvis Larri

This song has my heart ❤ 💟 It used to be my ringtone for the longest time. Now my phone is on silent so I no longer have a ringtone. LOL. The lyrics, instruments(including saxophone and talking drums!!) and of course Timi & Elvis’ voices make me so happy. I do not know how to dance but I cant help dancing along to this song. The song is also a mixture of Yoruba and English.

7. Iyawo mi also by Timi Dakolo

Another Yoruba/English song. (Fun Fact, Timi is not Yoruba but obviously, he can speak the language well) Iyawo means my wife. The whole song is really sweet and as usual, Timi’s voice is beautiful! From the amazing opening lyrics, I fell in love with the song

 Like an angel in the morning
Shooting star across the night
The most beautiful girl I’ve seen in all my life

8. With this woman by Darey

Darey has a great voice and I really love anything he sings! With this woman is an English song with a few Yoruba lines and the lyrics are great. I wish this song was more popular .

With this woman, who takes care of me
Stands there by me all the time
With this woman, who will do it for me
Whatever it is,  so I just wanna be with this woman
With this wo, with this wo, with this woman (x2)

9. Oruka by Sunny Neji

Oruka means ring in Yoruba. I also thought I should mention that Sunny Neji is from Cross Rivers and not Yoruba. He was born in Lagos(a Yoruba land). This song as seen from the name was made for weddings.

Oruka ti d’owo naa(The ring has reached your fingers)
Iwo ni ololufe re mu(You are the one chosen by your lover)
K’o s’eni to le ya yin titi lai(No one can separate you two forever)

10. Olo mi by Tosin Martins

I’m going to let Tosin’s voice and the English/ Yoruba lyrics(translation included) speak for themselves. 

Olo mi, oni temi (My most cherished, my beloved)
Ore mi, ololufe (My friend, my lover)
Oju kan o, sa l’ada ni (You know its only one side the cutlass has)
L’ola Oluwa, ko s’oun ti o ya wa (By the grace of God, nothing can separate us)

Mo roun to dun (I’ve seen something sweet)
Mo re ni keji mi, (I’ve found my other half/partner)
Girigiri lon se mi,got butterfiles in my belly(Got butterflies in my belly)
Ko ri ko sun ko je ko mun(No sleep or food if i dont see you)
E ma ba wi o(It’s not my fault,so don’t complain)
Oro ife laiye, bi adanwo ni(The mystery of love, is like a test)
Iru omo ti mo fe, won be lara re(The kind of children I desire are in you)
Baby gboruko mi o ba elewa mun(Baby,hear my name-sounds like beauty)
Mo fe ba e darugbo, mo fe ba e dale, (I want to grow up and grow old with you)
Iwo ni mo fe ma ji ri, lojojumon aye mi (It’s you I want to see when i wake up, everyday of my life)

Olo mi sweetheart oni temi, as above
Ore mi mololufe, as above
Oju kan sha lada ni, as above
Lola oluwa ko sohun ti oyawa , as above

(repeat verse above, )

I found a good thing
favor from above
I got that feeling
that seam a the touch of love
After so long, ebun ife wa mi ri (After so long, the gift of Love sought for and found me)
Now that you’re here
i see the difference so clear
you are the spark , that brightens up my world
I’m gonna give this all i know
to keep you as my own
To ri, mo fe ba e darugbo, mo fe ba e dale (Because I want to grow up and grow old with you)
Iwo ni mo fe ma jiri, (It’s you i want to see when i wake up)
Lojo jumo aye mi,  (Everyday of my life)
Lola oluwa ife wa o ni daru!, (By God’s grace, our love will not fade)

Ko soun ti o ya wa laye, ko soun ti o ya wa, (Nothing can separate us,never, Nothing will separate us)
Epuro lalabaku ewa laye, ko soun ti o ya wa, (I will die with you,nothing can separate us)
Oju mi oju re ni baby, ko soun ti o ya wa, (my eyes are your eyes baby,nothing can separate us)
I’m gonna love you girl, from the depth of my soul)
ko soun ti o ya wa, ! (Nothing can separate us)

11. ‘Be my lover’ by Banky W ft Niyola

This song is a duet between two people who are in love(not in real life though!!! Banky and Niyola are just friends) This is one of those songs that can cheer me up on my bad days. It just really gladdens my heart. Be my lover is the part two of the popular Banky W song called “Yes/No” (Only in Nigeria that songs will have part two, lol)

Only you will be my lover , o we o
Ti ti lailai (Forever)
And I will love no other, no way o
No be moin moin (Lol, moin moin is a type of food made of beans, this line doesn’t make much sense)
What God has put together, eh
Let no one put asunder
Only you will be my lover , o we o
Ti ti lailai  (Forever)

The bridge is my favorite part

And until my dying day
promise i will love you always
if dem wan put sand for our garri
dont let nobody
cos i’ll be loving you loving you loving you baby
you dey make my heart go jinkelele

12. Till my Dying Day by Bank W ft Tynie

Another beautiful and heartfelt duet between two lovers. Man if Banky W sings this song to/with me, I will melt. I love the lyrics and the emotion in this song.

You are the beat my heart drums to,
You’re the sunshine through my night,
Let me be the one you run to,
Through the darkness I’ll be your light

13. Ada ada by Flavour

Ada ada is another popular and befitting wedding song. I have no idea what it means because it is in English and Igbo(a language that I do not understand). Hence, I will not be able to provide translation for the non-English parts. I  believe that you will still love the song like I do because the melody is nice. It is a great song for the bride’s entrance at the reception and for dancing in general.

Have you seen my beautiful baby?
Have you seen my tomato baby oh?
Baby softly dey cool me temper Ada
Baby na sugar sugar iyo
Everybody dey wait
Puta kene n’ogbo
Ife di mma amaka
Better soup na money kill am o
Adanwa ngwa pekem pekem iya

14. Golibe by Flavour

This song is Igbo and a bit of English. Thankfully, I was able to find the lyrics and translation to this song. Click here for them to better understand the song. It also has a great melody.

15. Love me Jeje by Seyi Sodimu

Another oldie but a goodie. Although the song was not really made for weddings, the chorus lyrics are great for weddings. In the song, the man is toasting the lady so I would call it a toasting song (toasting means to trying to woo a lady in this context and not a wedding toast).

Everyday I think of you,

Every night I think of you

Love me jeje, Love me tender

You’re my sugar, my honey, my tender lover

 Well, if you say you love me, I’ll stay forever

16. Love me, Love me, Love me by Tiwa Savage

I love Tiwa and I love everything about this song. Definitely would play this song at my hypothetical wedding.

I don’t believe in juju powers (voodoo powers)
But you’ve put a spell on me
So call your Babalawo (voodoo doctor)
Cause you wont be needing him
You’ve got the magic yeah
The way you love me

17. Ife wa gbona by Tiwa Savage ft Leo Wonder

Ife wa gbona means ‘our love is hot’. Another Yoruba/ English song that was made for a wedding day or engagement. My favorite lyrics were sung by Leo Wonder

Ti ba ni mi o ni fe e baby, iro lasan lasan ni(I would be lying if I say that I do not love you)
Oju mi loju re baby(My eyes are yours baby)
Se ni ma tatan tatan ni(I think it means, “I will be rubbish if I say so” but I could be wrong)
Would you please hold my hands, wa lo mo mummy mi(come and see my mummy)
My baby just say yes
Wa je toni temi(Come and be mine today)

18.In Love with you by Jeremiah Gyang

Jeremiah Gyang is from Jos, Plateau state in Northen Nigeria. He’s one of the few mainstream vocalists who sing in Hausa. However, In Love with You is 100 percent English. This song celebrates romance and just being in love. Check out Kauna Allah(God’s Love)  and Na ba ka also by Jeremiah which are sung in Hausa.

My life is beautiful
but I need a sweet woman that will make it excellent
so I call on you
to start a family with me
Yes I ask of you
to be my wife cause I am…

In love with you
In love with my girl
in love with you
the girl of my dreams
in love with you
the girl in my life
in love with you

19. Wedding Day by 9ice

I would never forget 9ice because he helped me learn Yoruba. His lyrics are usually filled with proverbs and Yoruba teachers are usually impressed by knowledge of proverbs. Thanks 9ice for helping me get those good grades in Yoruba class.

On our wedding day
Ma gbe su lena
Ma fo na ro ka
Gbogbo awon e still dey dey
This time around, omo se gobe
Na you I go marry…aya wa ni
To God be the glory…iyawo wa ni
Na you I go marry…aya wa, aya wa
To God be the glory

20. Orente by Adekunle Gold

This Yoruba/English song is sung by a man extolling the virtues of his lover especially about how faithful she is to him through thick and thin. That’s what marriage is all about, you know! “For better, for worse till death do us part”

21. Fine lady by Lynxxx ft Wizkid

This is an upbeat wedding song 🙂 Dance away.

22. Beautiful Baby by Bracket ft Flavour

My beautiful baby ehh
I no care at all
If you are short if you are tall
Let’s just be as one
My beautiful honey ehh
I no care at all
If you are poor if you are not
Let’s just be as one
My beautiful beautiful baby eh eh
Girl as I love you
I hope you love me ehh

23. Love my baby by Wizkid

It’s not everyday you hear this kind of song from Wizkid. I really like the lyrics also.

Oh my love
I’ll never ever ever ever do you wrong
I will always always always do you right
I’ll treat you like a queen
I’ll buy you diamond rings
i swear my baby i say no be lie
i love to hear u laugh and watch you smile
I’ll give you all the finest things in life
you are the angel of my life
the love of my life

24. My Love by Tuface ft VIP(from Ghana)

Mannnn, I can’t believe that I haven’t added Tuface to this list until now. This song is so old but it is evergreen in my heart. It feels me with joy!

My love is here to stay, won’t go away
I promise to love you everyday
Oh ma cherie, no breaking me
Cuz I truly love you
And you are my number one

25. African Queen by Tuface

The ultimate song for any bride(This is a case of saving the best song for last)

Just like the sun, lights up the earth, you light up my life
The only one, I’ve ever seen with a smile so bright
And just yesterday, you came around my way
And changed my whole scenery with your astonishing beauty

Ah, you coulda make a brother sing,
You ordinary thing, a supernatural being,

I know you are just brighter than the moon
Brighter than the star, I love you just the way you are.

And you are my African Queen, the girl of my dreams.
You take me where I’ve never been
You make my heart go ting-a-ling-a-ling, oh ahh
You are my African Queen, the girl of my dreams
And you remind me of a thing
And that is the African beauty yahhh

Bonus: Special Friend by Mya K

Mya K is young and talented. I love this song so much!

Bonus: Kiss your bride by Bollie

Lol, this song was really popular at Nigerian weddings some years back.  It was usually used for the first kiss part at the reception. This song is sung by an artiste from Ghana and I have no idea what the lyrics mean. Hypothetically speaking(since I do not plan to get married/have a wedding), I wont pay the DJ the complete fees, if this song is played at my wedding. I only included it because it makes me laugh.

Bonus: ‘Set me as a Seal’ by Matt Maher

This is a non-Nigerian song but I really like it and I think it is worthy of mention. This is perfect for the first dance as a couple. I heard it at two of my friend’s weddings this Summer and I found it so befittingly beautiful.

Set me as a seal on your heart
Set me as a seal on your soul
As strong as death is love
Unyielding as the grave
Nothing will quench its flame
Nothing will quench its flame

“Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame” -Song of Solomon 8:6 (New International Version)

Peace, love and joy,


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