Throwback to April 1 2018

Welcome to April 2020!

This time two years ago, I was on the phone with one of my favorite people ever crying and weeping that I had fallen and injured myself. Their response was to ask if this was an April Fool’s Day prank. Was I serious or was it a prank? Continue reading to find out…
April Fool’s Day is usually a fun day for me. I usually wait for 12:01am to watch whatever prank SFU has planned for us. Unfortunately this year, there was no prank video. I’m assuming that it’s probably because of this social distancing/ coronavirus era we are living in. Anyway, I did not come back from my hiatus to rant about coronavirus, I hope everyone is keeping safe though! I am here to write about something dear to my heart, drumroll please, and that is Friendship. Yes, I know I have written about friendship multiple times on my blog but I chose today to make this post because it is the second year anniversary of the day that I pondered this question “When does one cross the line from being a friend to being a fool?”
Let’s go back to April 1,2018. It was Easter Sunday and I had gone to vigil the night before with friends. Someone else had invited a friend(who I will be calling the babe) and I to Easter lunch. The babe was usually late so when I told her the bus time, I lied and gave us about 10 or 15 minutes lead time. To my biggest surprise, the babe was still late. In the process of trying to catch the bus, I fell and got injured. I was working as a Residence Advisor so I had Campus Security on speed dial. I called them and they came to get me. I kid you not, the babe left me and still found her way to the train. Then she texted me asking what train to get on, even though when she left me, I was bleeding. I just ignored the message. Campus Security took me to my room and I had to text my friends that I was supposed to meet for dinner(I know only me Lunch friends and dinner friends) that I couldn’t make it anymore. Bless their hearts, they came over to visit.
If you know me, you know that one of my biggest things I hate is when I fall(figuratively and literally). I always feel so bad and have so many what-ifs. The craziest part of that day was when I called some people closest to me(you know yourselves) while I was weeping and crying and they asked if it was a prank. I had to take pictures to prove that I was serious. Anyway, shoutout to my friends who came to check on me, Princess and Babygirl(nicknames).
I remember relating the story of what happened(and other experiences with the babe) to Princess in my room and she was just laughing…especially when Princess saw that the babe texted me about what train to get on. I was like but “My thing is that I am a good friend. Was I supposed to have left her when she was making me late?”I had a difficult time distinguishing what it meant to be a fool and what it meant to be a friend. Later on that evening, the babe came to visit with goodies from the lunch she still attended and commented on her horrible behavior. I just smiled.
Later that night, while I was trying to sleep, I realized that I couldn’t move my arm. I had to carry my left arm with my right arm in other to move it. I knew that it definitely meant trouble. Quickly I called my friend S who is a nurse and she told me that she was working night shift but she would come to me as soon as she got off work. I dreamt that she came to pick me up but I was sleeping and didn’t hear her. So, of course, I woke up and stayed up for the rest of the night. Eventually, S came to pick me up. We went to a clinic and realized I needed a hospital. Long story short, we spent the entire day in the hospital. Honestly, that even made me feel worse than falling. I didn’t mind being in the hospital but the fact that I was inconveniencing someone else, it just really got to me. S was so sweet though, she kept reassuring me that it was okay. After all, it’s not like I planned for it to happen either”.
When we finished at the Hospital, we went to my place to freshen up and we attended a Young Adults Easter Dinner. S took me back home and was there for me every step of the way. Eventually, I found out that my bone was actually fractured. So if you are ever playing Bingo with me and you need someone who has had a bone fracture, I am your girl!
Back to the topic of Friendship and my thought process on April 1, 2018. I was trying to help a friend out & I ended up looking like a fool and getting into trouble. However, in my troubled state, my friend who had just finished a night shift at the hospital spent her entire Easter Monday in a hospital on my account. I was very grateful and I knew that honestly, I would never have gotten through that day without S, Princess and babygirl. I had a lot of things running through my head. “What exactly did it mean to be a friend?”
“Am I only supposed to be nice to people who are nice to me?”
“What if I just met someone and they haven’t been given the opportunity to be nice to me??”
All of that got answered by a seminar that I attended in the Summer of 2018 and I will be blogging about it soon. Stay safe and please stay in your homes.
Some of my beautiful friends mentioned

Peace, love and joy,



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