Welcome Mister Twenty-Fifteen 🎉 :)

Happy New Year everyone (:

My biggest regret of 2014 is not keeping a proper record of my life experiences and feelings. I also kept a lot of stuff on my mind and when I had the courage to share with a few people, life was so much more awesome! Hence,  I will be posting here for you to journey with me.

Back to 2015, this is almost 1am Nigerian time on January 1st and I am home. I didn’t plan this but praise God for giving me the opportunity to spend the new year with my favorite people in the world, my family.  This year, my personal theme is a meaningful ‘Jesus,  I trust in you’. As I read in one of my favorite books(My sisters, the saints),  the crucial question when it comes to faith is not ‘Do I trust God?’  but  ‘Is God trustworthy?’ Of course He is! So with confidence,  I step into this new year.  Jesus,  I trust in you. Help me to trust especially when I don’t understand things. Let me always remember that your ways are higher than mine. Always.


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